And now mongo found my old DB. Hm.

Sun, 04 Dec 2011 18:37:24 GMT
And now mongo found my old DB. Hm.
Not sure why, but this time mongo found my default DB CodeSquares, so everything is back to the way it was. Puzzlement!

DCSB work is paused for Skyrim. That game, I swear. There are several indies out there that are just go-go-go for their own stuff, and dismiss releases like this entirely - or mention them and THEN dismiss them, I guess that's hip :P - but I am not quite that hardcore. This goes especially double when hit in my weak spot of freeform exploration with tons of content, which Bethesda does oh-so-well.

Anyway. I'm getting the itch to code something again, so it might be sooner than I think.

Oh yes, all moved. Not moved-in by any means, but moved. I'm typing this from the floor of the "office".