Bit of web, bit of stats.

Thu, 04 Aug 2011 16:55:02 GMT
Bit of web, bit of stats.
Tags:dweller webdev
I moved the pre-alpha over to for more unified access to all things dweller (among ... other things). You can find it (more or less current, I should set up a copy script on every build - but I haven't) to the right. I also added a teeny bit of code for time-based regen for all creatures, with a configurable regen rate. Also realized I never put in an HP max ... oops. That's in too, now.

Also added paging to this blog, and linebreaks in the /xml feed. Paging took longer than it should have because I didn't initalize the empty params array properly, and I took out the default else {} that would've populated it. I just need a pager element of the << >> type somewhere on this page, and we're in business. Sadly, the confusion over this bug took over my time to work on Dweller, so not much gone done. I got to watch more of my pathfinding in action! :)

Well, that and more than 10 posts. They'll come, you betcha.

I also should fix up my tags. Freeform tag entry is great, if you can remember what you used previously.