Break for house!

Tue, 08 Nov 2011 17:39:41 GMT
Break for house!
The lack of updates here is 100% attributable to a now completed house purchase and preparations for move and occupancy. Exciting (and nerve-wracking) stuff!

Expect work to resume soon now that we've closed and are waiting to move; not sure if I'll hit MVP before December, but I'll try. I made serious inroads on LoS rangefinding, with only the one errant bug (path sometimes goes somewhere wild) remaining, I added a big bad foozle at the end of the game (level 10 currently), added special ability Summon (and with the range code fixed I'll add Ranged Elemental Attack, aka Fireball or Iceblast or Boulder Hurl :), fixed creature level distribution and stat variation ... I might be closer than I think.

Onward to MVP!