Crew UI do-over

Thu, 05 Feb 2015 05:56:15 GMT
Crew UI do-over
Tags:ping unity gamedev
Threw out the old +/- crewmember transfer UI, and am going to go back to my original plan of having actual crewmans (well just cubes because art is hard) walk around an actual sub (well again, cube-like layout because art). New build is up.

"Sub" shape from SketchUp (export with two walls!), crewman square click-to-go script currently disabled for debugging. It worked on-screen but doesn't work anymore now that it's in the reference frame of the sub. That's next.

I have great ideas for the sub interior now that it's 3D. I can do lighting, and light up segments based on status and crewed status. I can have them run forward when crash diving. I can have compartments go dark/dim when damaged, and turn red for nighttime lighting. Maybe add a trail or swaying motion when under weigh. :) Anyway, lots of work to do just to get the little dudes walking around. Next!