Screenshot day!

Sat, 08 Oct 2011 04:01:08 GMT
Screenshot day!
Tags:dweller screenshots
Following the doing away with leveled creatures, I'm working on some very initial design docs for combat and player development. While this stuff is very far off yet, I might as well be thinking of the ramifications now while the codebase is still relatively simple. For example, since the NPCs won't have levels nor a ton of skills - and PCs won't have anything as simple as Special Attack 1 or Special Attack 2, not to mention PCs won't award XP for getting killed, ha! - I'm going to break out their XML objects away from PCs. Things like that. Better now than later.

And here's an image; there should be more of these since I just came up with a way to easily paste URLs and have them tagged as images. Yay!

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