Well hello there

Wed, 03 Aug 2011 21:21:16 GMT
Well hello there
Tags:dweller life codesquares
I think the pathfinding problems are finally resolved (famous last words). I had a math bug in my "bad path, do not move" code that prevented NPCs from moving at all. Before that it was all the failure in making hallways walkable (rebuilding collision map after hallway generation). And somewhere in the middle were most likely more distance threshold bugs and math bugs. Those spawned a TODO item that has to do with deciding whether we're working in x/y or TILE x/y (TILE is better, but I need to rebuild some code for that to happen). So that's cool; NPC goal weighing next, and I'll put the alignment check back in so they can beat each other up. Right now they just seek each other and then do a little dance (when they seek and re-seek each other) - amusing and organic-feeling, but not very useful.

I'll also have to see what'll happen to performance when I re-add the remainder of the NPCs.

We're looking at buying a house again. I get a weird sense of dejavu ... new place, new side project, new house? Seriously, that's gotta stop.

Finally, I gotta get paging in here, should be cake. Also, need to complete the damodred -> codesquares redirection with a link to froggy as archives ... that also shouldn't take long.