World building catch-up day 1 - The World

Tue, 03 Jan 2012 18:45:20 GMT
World building catch-up day 1 - The World
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Saw a mention of a 30 day worldbuilding challenge on the twitterfeed and followed it to: [] . Since it sounded interesting and possibly beneficial, I thought I'd participate, although probably in a more cursory format than some. Jeremy Jurksztowicz of Mysterious Castle is a good example of what I probably will *not* be doing. :P Read about that here: []

So, the world of Dungeon Contractor Strikes Back. As the title hints, this is not a world that takes itself in a hugely serious fashion - but on the other hand, I want the player to expect consistency and a bit of familiarity with the subject matter.

In short, the world of DCSB is a medieval fantasy world of little travel and low technological development. However, there are potent magical and mystical forces around that make the career choice of Professional Quester a desirable and lucrative one. It's a world where Times Are Always Tough, but the gods cheat abundantly and tweak the dice in the favor of their champions to prolong their entertainment. Those that do choose it invariably end up finding dungeons, castles, keeps or strongholds to explore and loot, and the odds are better than expected that they'll return victorious. On the other side, wizards, dreadlords and madmen find it surprisingly easy to enlist eager (good pay, flexible hours, occasional chance to kill a wannabe hero) help for their tasks, so there's never a shortage of places to raid.

Into this comes the player ... but on the side of the keepers of the dungeon. Sometimes it'll be a warlord, other times a powerhungry archmage, but in each case the funds seem to dry up while the workload increases, and you've had enough. With your experience and can-do attitude, surely you could do a better job of running this place! You just need to get there, give the head honcho a piece of your mind (and maybe some sharpened steel); there's only the slight matter of you being on the front lines of the lair, and all these defenses in the way ...

So that's it in a nutshell. Every world is randomly generated, but you will always start out as the rank and file on the outer edges of your boss' demesne. Between you and them there is not only defensive perimeters but plain old geography to overcome - just think how far the Black Gate was from Sauron's Tower, and you start to get the idea. In between there can be EEEEVIL villages, smaller keeps or outposts, dungeons, caves and again, just plain old geography. Not every one of these power seekers likes living in blasted lands, so any natural feature is fair game. But more on that later.

In other news, I've added a game over and game start screen, and added the start->end->restart cycle as a functioning element. Yes, the game actually ends now when you die. :)