World building catch-up day 2: Geography

Tue, 03 Jan 2012 20:52:52 GMT
World building catch-up day 2: Geography
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Dungeon Contractor Strikes Back does not really take place in the world at-large. For now at least I have no intention of tying any two lair takeover attempts together, nor importing events from one game into another. You might find headstones of previous players but that is it - none of their loot nor their ghost will stick around, Nethack style - and I only decided that right now, so it is of course subject to change to even less (not even headstones). I am 100% certain I do not want to do any more than that though - it is simply not in scope of a single DCSB adventure.

That said, the world is large and warlords/archmages/mad scientists don't really have many prerequisites to building their Lair of Doom except that it be isolated. They don't really like visitors a whole lot and have quite a bit prepared to deter casual interest - primarily distance. So the final lair which may be a tower, cave, fort, temple or castle will be surrounded by significant tracts of land. You, the cheap hired help, will start out at the outer perimeter and slowly work your way in. As can be expected, the distance between you and the center will be filled with other patrolling creatures, fortifications, camps, work sites and other defensive features such as mazes or Black Gates.

Other than manmade (or monstermade) features, you will encounter what you'd expect to encounter in nature in a given region. If the fortress is in a forest, there will be clearings and thickets, gullies and streams. If it's in the desert ... well. Oases, I suppose? If it's in the mountains, expect ravines and rockslides debris. Mind you each "screen" you visit will be a snapshot of the terrain in question and it MUST be passable, so there will not be anything that forces you to backtrack - ultimately you are going to the center to deal justice, and as such become a Quester; the gods themselves (or well, the randomization engine) will find you a way. :)

In the short run, I expect that you will start in a forest and end up in a stone structure - because those are the tiles I have. In the long run, the sky's the limit and I hope to include caves, camps and a smattering of semi-unique features and layouts for starters. In the even longer run, other biodomes will find their way in; the good thing is that since I'm using tiles already, all it takes is a new tileset that conforms to the current engine rules (must have corners, backdrop and doors) to create a new simple biodome.