World building catch-up day 3: Landmarks

Tue, 03 Jan 2012 21:24:22 GMT
World building catch-up day 3: Landmarks
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I realized I covered most of this in the previous entry, but for the sense of continuity I'll rephrase; it might even fit better here. I guess I don't really plan on "Geography" as the game occurs within a relatively small radius of a Place of Power - so local landmarks are more important than exactly "where" things occur. The world isn't even connected yet, as the gods (oddly like me!) aren't very interested in watching politics - they just want to play a rousing game of Quester's Quest.

Anyway. Within the PoP will be various defensive structures as well as natural features. In the forests expect giant tree stumps, clearings, witches' circles, streams, ravines or cliffs and brooks from the natural side, as well as various ruins, obelisks, camps, fortifications, walls and outposts on the man(monster)made side. Some levels will have exits leading to the next open patch of forest, and some will have cave openings or structure doors, and the adventure will transition appropriately that way. I also hope to have some premade layouts such as mazes, towns, prisons and combat arenas, eventually.

However, in DCSB this is all visual fluff and will not impact the game in a hugely significant mannter - as such, it is a priority for considerably farther down the line.