World building day 4: Resources

Wed, 04 Jan 2012 18:21:51 GMT
World building day 4: Resources
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I have not given this one much thought at all! Really glad to be doing this so I can make a more coherent set of maps (eventually).

Saruman had his Isengard (at least until he tore it down to switch to raid/war footing) to provide him with vittles; Sauron was always raiding or cannibalising (seriously, would anything grow in Mordor? I think not), but it seems like typically your warlords rely on oppressing any local villages for resources; wizards set up on powernodes and just have cadres of peons working on earthly things such as food, drink and sanitation, and mad scientists probably grow their own powershrooms and such. Oh yes, there should be an undead lich type with a mostly undead army that doesn't need any of that at all. And a dragon, while I'm at it; a cross between a wizard (magic users) and warlord (villages to maintain the meat stock).

So! This means that we will need at least one resource use type per archlord type, which actually sounds rather entertaining. You're such a low ranking guy that you don't even know who the head guy is, but it will be revealed in no time by the type of terrain you traverse - I think that sounds rather neat. In practice, this will translate to more villages/outposts for the warlord, more aggressive flora and fauna for the mad alchemist, and more lowbie magic users for the wizard type (they also flock to the node of power). The lich will mostly be dead things (both mobile and not) with some magic users (also undead), and the dragon is part wizardly and part warlord with outposts and such to keep a stock of fat juicy cows. And peasants. Yum.

5 overall archetypes is a good start, and plenty ambitious already (none of this exists, of course!) :)