World building day 5: Flora

Thu, 05 Jan 2012 18:30:37 GMT
World building day 5: Flora
Tags:dcsb worldbuilding
Tying in to the concept of relatively small zones and warlord types from the previous types, you will find fairly typical flora for any given regions. Forests will yield mushrooms and nuts, camps and towns will be growing efficient crops such as corn, wheat or barley and maintain fruit orchards such as apples, pears and plums. Handily, you can make booze out of most of those, so that will tie in as well.

Magical/alchemist lairs will have less in the way of crops but ample fruit, and there may be some magically enhanced orchards where you will find exotic plants, spell ingredients, and even common use items. There might even be trees growing simple weapons and potions.

In the future when I introduce different zones such as mountains, deserts and swamps I will need to add appropriate crops for those as well. I suppose that means another set of XML files and more art (hello palette swap), which in turn means that the temperate foresty zone will be the only zone for quite some time.

I think I'd rather focus on a single kickass zone than attempt to make palette swaps and spread myself thin. Well, this has been a useful worldbuilding day, apparently! I just eliminated a ton of work for myself! :)

So: DCSB takes place in a temperate zone and a moderately forested area with a possible single mountain (or ubercave) for the head villain's lair. You heard it here first (well yes, where else?).