World building day 6: Fauna

Mon, 09 Jan 2012 18:01:07 GMT
World building day 6: Fauna
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IN A WORLD ... where magic runs rampant but people still need to eat, expect the mundane and the fantastic. As mentioned in the previous post, the more wizardly of overlords will probably experiment with plant/animal hybrids, and some experiments will go awry. The more military focused overlords ... well, I hear mutton travels well: expect sheep.

Other than that, you'll see typical forest biodome animals such as wolves, deer, foxes, squirrels and rabbits. Some of these may be NPCs, some of them will just scamper across the floor and vanish into the undergrowth, and some of them you might be able to catch for food. Others will be trying to catch you for food, instead. Closer in to the overlord's lair most of these will probably vanish and kept/cultivated animals will appear more and more.

The dungeons will be home to spiders (of course!), rats (natch) and other assorted creepie crawlies. However, most of the caves within a warlord's domain will be taken over, militarized and defended, so stray fauna will be kept to a minimum. Expect to find your food (if you are a carnivore anyway) some other way - by raiding storage rooms, kitchens and mess halls, which will in turn be much more numerous than in the early parts of the world that you explore.