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Sun, 01 Apr 2012 17:05:36 GMT
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I realized I haven't put up ... well, anything lately so here's a small dev update and a couple of screens.

First, my ghetto starting screen. It works - and yes, the player class loads from XML with its own stats and graphic - but that's about all I can say for it. :)

Second, range-finding. The goblin started out far to the left, and the bat started out below. The goblin searches for things nearby to hurl things at, and then doesn't because there are walls in the way. :)

I also revamped skills to allow them to be more atomic. A skill can now modify the amount of times skills are processed without breaking itself, for example. This is useful for creatures with special abilities such as double move, double throw, double spell, or potions of speed that allow any move or skill to be performed an additional time. So yes, stacking items of speed is now effectively in the game ... for NPCs at least. Player skills are another story.
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Behold, the amazing debugging line of sight imagery :P

I've also started working on a special ability - summoning help. I *think* most of the code is done, but it is yet to be tested. On top of that, I think I introduced an infinite loop somewhere in the line of sight code - I started getting annoyed at the mess of X/Y vs tileX/tileY and began some work on it, but I suspect it's missing a conversion somewhere. Well, it *was* very high on the post-MVP priority list, so maybe I'll move it up to happen sooner. Might be easier at this point than reverting tonight's work, hah.
Mon, 10 Oct 2011 04:38:54 GMT
Older screenshot!
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I found this in the archive, thought I'd throw it up here see how it compares ... witness the early blood splotches and NPCs/PCs. :) You can also see "iron chain helmet", which is an item scheme that no longer exists, and the awesome creeper background. Those dungeon tiles will come back though; the forest is just the start of the game.

Mon, 10 Oct 2011 04:22:59 GMT
Stairs and pathfinding
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Moar screenshot!

The stairs (i.e. squiggly lines) actually work now - that is, I put in the code that detects whether you're standing on a real stair tile or not. Sure adds a bit of gameness (gamity? gamection?) when you can't just fly through the levels ...

Also not seen in this shot is the path tracing that's still a little buggy. Hopefully will wrap that up this week, which will enable ranged combat to happen.
Sat, 08 Oct 2011 04:01:08 GMT
Screenshot day!
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Following the doing away with leveled creatures, I'm working on some very initial design docs for combat and player development. While this stuff is very far off yet, I might as well be thinking of the ramifications now while the codebase is still relatively simple. For example, since the NPCs won't have levels nor a ton of skills - and PCs won't have anything as simple as Special Attack 1 or Special Attack 2, not to mention PCs won't award XP for getting killed, ha! - I'm going to break out their XML objects away from PCs. Things like that. Better now than later.

And here's an image; there should be more of these since I just came up with a way to easily paste URLs and have them tagged as images. Yay!

Mon, 19 Sep 2011 23:29:08 GMT
Random screenshot
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Man, so many systems under the hood that you can't see. :)